Compliance Management

Solutions for all your Essential Safety Measure (ESM) compliance needs.

Summit Facilities Group offers peace of mind and protection for building owners with our comprehensive service offering. From annual independent auditing for AESMR’s to complete Safety Measure testing and compliance tailored to your building’s specific Occupancy Permit needs.

We offer full transparency and up-to-date information on your assets’ compliance status with our software capabilities. This ensures your asset complies with all relevant building codes and legislation and offers security that the installed Essential Safety Measures will perform as designed throughout the life of the building.

Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Management

Essential Safety Measures (ESM)

Ensuring compliance to all relevant standards. Sign off on AESMR.

Hydraulic, Electrical & Lifelines

Ensuring compliance to all relevant standards.

Cooling Towers

As per Public Health & Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

Aquatic Facilities

As per Public Health & Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

Emergency Planning

Completing Annual Evacuation Exercise and establishment of EPC.


Essential Safety Measures (ESM)

  • AS1851-Pre 2005
  • AS1851-2005
  • AS1851-2012
  • AS2293.1

Backflow and TMV’s

  • AS/NZS3500.1
  • AS 4032.1

Why Choose Summit Facilities Group? 

At Summit Facilities Group we understand that Facilities and Building Management Plans are not an out-of-the-box solution. That is why we are committed to working with owners corporations and providing flexible solutions with tailored facility management and compliance services that optimise your assets and infrastructure, minimise risk and give you peace of mind.

Our team are highly qualified Facilities Managers with experience in managing an asset’s lifecycle, improving building operations, and Essential Safety Measures (ESM) and compliance management. If you’re considering replacing your current building manager then contact us, obligation-free, to have a chat about your requirements.

“Their knowledge of the relevant legislation and codes that are extremely important in maintaining an apartment building in Melbourne Victoria has been exemplary.”

Jeff Dawson, Committee Chairperson Lacrosse & M Docklands

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