Building Condition Reports

Facility Management Solutions For Small-Mid Size Assets

Our Building Condition Reports give owners and managers peace of mind that their asset is well maintained, compliant and functioning optimally. Small to mid level buildings can often be neglected when their isn’t a dedicated facility manager on site. In most cases it is left to caretakers who do not have the relevant experience, knowledge and time to report and action infrastructure maintenance and repairs. We have developed our comprehensive reports to fill this gap and provide owners and Owners Corporations with specific actionable data that is compiled by an experienced Facility Manager.

Our comprehensive site visits occur according to the needs of the building and cover key aspects of building life cycle maintenance. Owners can then entrust us to action these shortfalls or can be confident that they now have the required data to employ their chosen contractors to complete works. Now you can have peace of mind, regain valuable resources and have informed data on the status of your asset.

Report Inclusions


Security, graffiti, facade, grounds & landscaping.


Cleanliness, wall & doors, common area bathrooms.


Common area, E&E.


Chiller, Boiler, Domestic Hot Water, Mechanical.


Hardware, Fire Doors, Auto Doors, Garage Doors.


Gas, Water, Electricity Consumption.

Smoke & Fire Detection & Alarms



Anchor Points, Backflow Prevention.


Other requirements specific to your building needs.

Why Choose Summit Facilities Group? 

At Summit Facilities Group we understand that Facilities and Building Management Plans are not an out-of-the-box solution. That is why we are committed to working with owners corporations and providing flexible solutions with tailored facility management and compliance services that optimise your assets and infrastructure, minimise risk and give you peace of mind.

Our team are highly qualified Facilities Managers with experience in managing an asset’s lifecycle, improving building operations, and Essential Safety Measures (ESM) and compliance management. If you’re considering replacing your current building manager then contact us, obligation-free, to have a chat about your requirements.

“They are a vibrant organisation that excels at every task given to them. They maintain all of the necessary qualities of their business to a high level. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Scott Lambert, Senior Owners Corporation Manager, Prestige Strata Management

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